100wc #29

One day during the summer little Bob was hungry. So he decided to eat concrete. The concrete had pink paint on it but he didn’t mind. Since the generation is still revolving he might be a little dumb. He jumped in excitement because how good it was. He kept eating more pink concrete and kept […]

100wc #30

One day there was a caveman. The caveman was very bored. So he had the most weirdest idea. He decided to make an iron. The iron was never invented at that time. So it was weird to think of making one. But he really wanted this to be famous. So he told everyone his idea […]

100wc #28

The building shook then there was a loud siren. All the people didnt know what was happening. A long time ago there was the first sitings of aliens on the world but they were harmless. Now the aliens make a return but way more powerful and crazier. This takes place in, New York. The aliens […]

100wc #25

But I didn’t mean to hit it that hard Jimmy said as Bill was holding a nail into a wooden plank. Early in the years when they made nails and hammers a long time ago. But Bill got super mad his body turned red hot. So Jimmy felt bad for him because he didn’t mean […]

100wc week #24

One day Bigfoot was walking through the woods. A kid was also in the woods so Bigfoot had to hide away from him. This kids name was Jeremy and he was afraid someone would take him because he was lost. Bigfoot was read to take a sneak attack he wasn’t afraid anymore to show himself […]

100wc #23

One day a very gentle man was playing the piano on tue sidewalk. Then a stranger walked up to him and said, “Why are you playing the piano right here?” The man ignored as he continued to play his white piano as he was thinking about octopus. Then he got an idea to put a […]

Brodys 100wc week 18

So it all starts off one cold day. There was a 20 year old guy who was walking to the park. All of the sudden he finds a key with frozen leaves on top of the key. He had a great idea to find the owner off the key. The key did look a little […]

100wc week #15

New year just happened a week ago jimmy was kind of excited for the new year but his friends are always being mean to him this New Years  it’s not like last year he thought to himself but he just ignored them they wouldn’t stop even though the all got in trouble a lot so […]

100WC #14

I think businesses could do some stuff to help gather climate crisis. The first thing they should do is put up signs on there windows. The second thing that they could do is tell other business or people to try to help at least. The third thing they could d0 is just to try. They […]

100wc week #13

One day there was a hiking group made. As soon as the group was made a lot of people joined the owner was surprised. The next day about six of them decided to go hike on a really big mountain with a lot of ice on it. One guy said, What do you think will […]