100wc week #15

New year just happened a week ago jimmy was kind of excited for the new year but his friends are always being mean to him this New Years  it’s not like last year he thought to himself but he just ignored them they wouldn’t stop even though the all got in trouble a lot so […]

100WC #14

I think businesses could do some stuff to help gather climate crisis. The first thing they should do is put up signs on there windows. The second thing that they could do is tell other business or people to try to help at least. The third thing they could d0 is just to try. They […]

100wc week #13

One day there was a hiking group made. As soon as the group was made a lot of people joined the owner was surprised. The next day about six of them decided to go hike on a really big mountain with a lot of ice on it. One guy said, What do you think will […]

100wc week #10

So i think this picture makes me feel bad. I think this picture is bad because they are polluting the air and that is bad. Animals could die because of that air. The air looks grey and non breathable to humans and animals. Why would people build such big structures just to make the earth […]

100wc week #9

One day there was a kid named John. John was always afraid of spiders he also does not like to evacuate buildings. This kid was smart he was so urgent that he would get good grades he had glasses that were red and a big brain. There was one thing John just didn’t know it […]

100wc week eight

One day there was a power plant that was really popular. The power plant was about to be shut down because people were vandalizing the power plant. All the men and woman packed up there tools and left. The guy that was gonna shut down everything messed up he forgot to shut down the lights […]

Week #6 100wc

        One day there was a scientist who was really into climate change. The scientist wanted to go on a hike to study climate change in forests. He thought a hike to the Quasan Mountain would be fun. That mountain is extremely interesting. There has been many things which are neon green […]

Week #5

So one day there was this man that put on some weird glasses. His wife gave them to him he was like these are weirddddd. So he put them on and all the sudden he shrunk! He was so mad but his wife said if you can get someone to see you then he will […]

Week #4

So one day there was a kid named Bob. Bob was a very good explorer and his favorite place was a riverbed so one day he went there little did he know that the riverbed was dry. So he was walking down and he saw the river bed then he said, “I’ve never seen the […]