Week #6 100wc

        One day there was a scientist who was really into climate change. The scientist wanted to go on a hike to study climate change in forests. He thought a hike to the Quasan Mountain would be fun. That mountain is extremely interesting. There has been many things which are neon green in the forest. While the scientist was in the forest on Quasan Mountain he saw one of the green things, it was a three-toed sloth! The sloth looked hot. It must’ve been from climate change because Quasan Mountain was usually freezing. He gave it some water then went home.

2 thoughts on “Week #6 100wc

  1. Congratulations on your response to this week’s challenge Brody. It is not easy to create a coherent text using random words. I can see that you generate interesting ideas for your writing, and your use of different types of sentences adds interest to your text. I would like you to have named your scientist so I could feel a connection to him or her. I enjoyed reading your writing this week. 🙏😊

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